Sunday, April 26, 2009

Are You Paying Attention to the Swine Flu?

In the years that followed the world-wide pandemic of 1918, researchers discovered a number of "facts" that are probably very relevant to what is happening around us today.

Those researchers discovered that the pandemic of 1918 came in three waves...the first in the spring of that year. It killed a few thousand people around the world, and made hundreds of thousands ill. But that first wave of flu was relatively mild and because communication between countries as well as communities was primitive by today's standards, no one realized what was happening.

In fact it was only in recent years that researchers discovered the three phases of the pandemic.

It was late September or early October before the deadly phase of the flu pandemic began to spread around the globe, killing half-a-million Americans and an estimated 50-million worldwide.

If the pattern holds true, you still have time to prepare a pandemic business plan and be ready to implement it later this year. To learn more about business planning for a pandemic:

By the way, the third phase of the 1918 pandemic showed up in the spring of 1919 with a mutated version of the flu, which was even milder than the first phase the year before

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