Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ready Or Not It Is Officially A Pandemic

The World Health Organization officially declared a worldwide flu pandemic today, the first in 41 years.

If you have your pandemic plan, you are as prepared as you probably will ever be. If you do NOT have a pandemic crisis plan, your best bet is to hope and pray that this pandemic will be no worse than the last one in 1968. It only killed about a million people around the world and 34,000 in the United States. Most businesses were not impacted at all or only slightly because of employees that were out sick for a week or so.

In the United States there have been more than 13,000 confirmed cases and at least 27 deaths from swine flu as of Thursday 6/11/09. WHO says 74 countries have reported nearly 27,737 cases of swine flu, including 141 deaths.

There is still time to consider the issues that will impact your organization and begin making "what if" decisions.

Volunteer organizations are even more likely to suffer. Volunteers may stay home rather than take the chance of putting themselves in position to be exposed to the flu. Paid employees have the motivation of a paycheck and "keeping their jobs" but even with that on their minds, the fear of being "exposed" to the flu may keep some workers out of the office or plant.

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