Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Who Does A Crisis Consultant Call When He Has a Crisis?

A freak storm caught us by surprise Tuesday morning. Who would ever have worried about flood damage on the 14th floor of an office building. But when this crisis consultant walked in the front door of his suite of offices he ran into a mini Niagara Falls.

First he ripped off his raincoat and covered his monitor and computer. Then he started dragging water-soaked files and work documents to another office in the company's suite.

Then he went next door to his Administrative Assistant's office to check on her computers and files.

All the while water logged ceiling tiles were buckling and crashing to the floor, as water streamed down from the law offices above, and water rose on the carpet.

Next, he called the building management and asked for plastic sheets and help.

Within minutes help arrived and office furniture was covered with plastic, and computers in both offices were unhooked and moved to a dry room. A bank of video play-back machines was rolled out of the adjoining conference room minutes before the ceiling tiles began to fall in that room.

Then, he called his administrative assistant.

This is the result of a 6 1/2 inch rainfall in one hour in Louisville, Kentucky. We're on the 14th floor of a 15-story downtown office building. The roof drains could not handle that much rain, that fast, and the roof could not hold back the weight of that much water.

If you think our offices are a mess, you should see the managing partner's law office and surrounding suite above us.

Not a single reporter called for a comment! But we were prepared with a standby statement. We practice what we preach.

By the way, we're still in business. Some of our Senior Consultants are working from home. I'm working from one of their offices at the other end of our suite, and much of our files and water logged office furniture has been moved elsewhere in the building.


  1. Nobody does it better! :-)

  2. It was a lucky fact that the storm cought you inside the office, allowing you to start a contingency response plus the business continuity plan, I guess. Yes, media are very important and it was a proactive fact to have ready an statement which I guess you used with employees and probably your clients. Answering your initial question, a crisis consultant should call to his experience to handle the situation and his emergency contacts.

    Nice everything is OK. Hope you return to normal activities soon.

    Jose Luengas
    Crisis Management Consultant
    Crisis Control owner
    Mexico City