Friday, October 2, 2009

David Letterman's Surreal "Confession"

When Bill Clinton talked about "that woman" referring to Monica Lewinsky, people rolled their eyes.

When a series of politicians confessed to illicit affairs in the past two years, members of the opposition parties were outraged. Members of their respective parties were strangely quiet.

When U of L Basketball Coach Rick Pitino confirmed that he was the victim of an extortion attempt by a woman he had sex with months earlier in a Louisville restaurant, U of L fans were still supportive of the Coach, while many were heard to whisper under their breath it's no big deal as long as he keeps on winning basketball games.

This week when David Letterman revealed on his Late Night TV show that a fellow CBS producer had demanded $2-million to keep quiet about his sexual encounters with female employees of his production company, the studio audience laughed and when he confirmed that he had, indeed, had sex with some of his staff, the studio audience applauded!

What's wrong with this picture?

Now Jon Gosselin, formerly of "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" has gone to court to protect his children from exploitation by the producers of the reality show he once appeared on. He cheated on his wife and left her and their eight children. The show was renamed "Kate Plus Eight" last week, and now according to his lawyer, “Jon is resolved not to allow the TLC corporate machine to devour his family and promote the monster’s best interests over those of his family.”

We have worked with clients in similar "crises" and, for the most part, given each the same advice. Take responsibility, set out to fix the situation, and don't say any thing more. Most either ignore the advice altogether, or only follow part of it and end up with more negative public attention.

But the more publicity these situations generate, the less the public seems to pay attention. But that doesn't mean lives are not changed, families are not wrecked and organizations are not tarnished.

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