Sunday, November 29, 2009

What Should Tiger Do?

He hasn't asked me, but others are asking, "What should Tiger do or say?"

It's hard to give advice without some facts.

What we know is, the National Enquirer did a story recently claiming he was having an affair with a New York City night club hostess. Florida police did not test him for alcohol or other drugs and three days later, he has avoided talking to investigators.

We also know that if he were to lose all of his product endorsement contracts and never win another tournament, he still would not be able to spend all the money he has earned so far in his 33-years.

He basically has two choices. He can follow the route he has chosen so far, and refuse to answer questions and let the speculation go unchallenged. Or, he can conduct a news conference -- make a brief statement about what happened -- and refuse to answer questions, beyond the statement.

In either case, the rumors and speculation will continue just like they have for David Letterman, UofL Coach Rick Pitino, a couple of governors and other miscellaneous celebrities.

Remember what I said at the beginning of this post. We don't have enough facts to give definitive counsel. However, in almost all cases, it is still better to "take responsibility" for what you've done and make one effort to put your facts on the record, and then never get drawn into any more discussions about it.

That won't make the problem disappear, but reasonable people will accept a sincere explanation and apology if one is appropriate, and forget about it until the next time that person does something potentially scandalous. Unreasonable people will continue to talk about it until someone else trips up in public and they will then move on to gossip about the next celebrity's mistake.

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