Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

I don't believe anyone will be offended if the staff and Senior Consultants here at the Institute for Crisis Management wish you all a very HAPPY and MORE PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.

Now that we've got that nasty old 2009 behind us, and the economic recovery is just around the corner, it's time to start catching up on all the projects that got put off or delayed in 2009.

Updating the old crisis communication plan, or even creating one for the first time, should be a top priority for everyone and every organization of any size.

And scheduling a table-top exercise, or two, to practice the crisis management team, is a must. You really don't have a crisis plan -- operation, communication or recovery, until your management team has tested them.

Then, there's the media/spokesperson training or update coaching for critical organization spokespersons that got put off in the past year.

And, if you have some key people in your organization that could and should be out meeting key audiences and telling your story, we also provide public-speaking training and coaching.

We do all kinds of custom crisis communication and media training on site at your facility and four times a year we offer comprehensive and intense crisis communication training and media/spokesperson training here in Louisville, KY. This training is open to anyone, no matter what their primary job responsibilities may be. In fact, almost every one of those classes, in recent years, has included participants from around the world who fly to Louisville to train with ICM.

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