Monday, March 15, 2010

Run Away Toyotas: Real or Hoax

Probably some of both!

Over the years, Chicago police have investigated vehicle crashes involving Chicago Metro Transit buses. I recall reading a story, based on such a wreck a few years ago, in which a police spokesman said the "official" police report of the bus-car crash indicated there were 8 to 12 passengers on the bus,

However, within hours of the story making the local radio news, more than two or three times as many persons showed up at area hospital emergency rooms claiming injuries from the bus crash.

It is possible some gold-diggers have faked Toyota throttle problems, hoping to make a buck from the international car company. And now there are a number of plaintiff's attorneys trolling for clients to sue Toyota. If history repeats itself, the plaintiff's attorneys will get a lot more out of the legal system than will Toyota owners.

Over the years, there have been occasional vehicle accidents in which, usually older drivers, have stepped on the accelerator when they thought their foot was on the brake peddle...and a wreck resulted.

Even so, it seems very likely that some Toyota's have had throttle problems and the company has to keep investigating to be sure they know what happened and then work even harder to reassure car owners and potential buyers the problem is fixed and won't happen again.

Meanwhile local, state and federal authorities must respond quickly to each alleged incident, and with an open mind and thorough investigation, sort out the real problems from the fakes and report their findings to the American people.

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