Monday, April 5, 2010

It's About Time, Tiger!

Where was today's Tiger Woods last February?

Tiger Woods met the press -- albeit the golfing press -- minus the tabloid reporters -- and acquitted himself well.

Mind you, he didn't answer all the questions that were posed, but the questions he did answer were more "natural" and heart-felt than the formal, stilted statements he made earlier and in the two 5-minute stand-up interviews of a few weeks ago.

He appeared more relaxed and less anxious and the questions he didn't want to answer he talked around or just ignored. But he didn't seem rude and only slight evasive.

I have said from the outset he did not need to elaborate on the details of his misdeeds. And, if he had been as forthcoming months ago, as he was today, some of the heat might already have begun to dissipate.

Golf fans seem ready to accept him back. Critics will still be critics. The tabloids will continue to dredge for dirt.

The only things still uncertain: will he save his marriage, will sponsors come back and can he win another tournament.

You know which of those unanswered questions should be most important.

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  1. But if we are crediting his "handlers", how did they get him to do the small things, like give autographs to fans and make small talk with other golfers? The behavior change that is being noted is unbelievable. Let's hope for his sake that it is rea, and that it goes beyond the golf realm.