Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TSA's Pat Downs Create New Target for Terrorists

The Transportation Security Administration says there is credible intelligence information that indicates there will be more attempts to smuggle explosives on commercial airliners in the undergarments of suicide bombers.

As a result, a growing number of airports ranging from the small airport in Fort Wayne, IN, to Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport and Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C. now require passengers to step into a scanning device that uses x-rays to see through your clothing. For safety reasons and for modesty, some passengers are refusing. They have the option of being thoroughly "patted down" in and around women's breasts and men and women's waist and underwear.

There has been a small uproar about the up-close-and-personal searches.

While contemplating my next air travel, a horrifying thought struck me.

Suicide bombers have reportedly strapped on explosives and boarded airplanes with intent to kill 200 fellow passengers.

What is to prevent one of those men, about to be searched in the security check-in area of a crowded airport from detonating that explosive and killing 200 people right there? The object is not necessarily just killing heathen Americans, but to spread terror across the country. That's why they are called terrorists.

The publicity that would follow an attack in LaGuardia Airport in New York City would rival the downing of the twin towers on September 11.

I hope TSA has a plan for that.

Do you suppose we'll get to the point in the United States, that if we plan to travel by air, we'll have to make an appointment for a TSA officer to come to our home and watch us get dressed, to make sure no one brings anything dangerous to the airport?

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