Thursday, December 16, 2010

Are You Ready for the Two Cs?

Are you ready for Christmas? Are you ready for a crisis?

In my experience, the two tend to occur in very close proximity to each other.

Some of the most tragic business crises the Institute for Crisis Management has been called to help with, involved the Christmas/New Year holiday.

One of the most tragic was a workplace violence incident the day after Christmas in the main offices of a wonderful company in suburban Boston. If you were ever going to convince yourself that “nothing bad is ever going to happen to my company” this one would have been it.

On Christmas day, a troubled and unhappy employee brought an AK-47, shotgun and semi-automatic pistol and gym bag full of ammunition into his office and hid them under his desk.

The next day he went hunting in the building and killed seven co-workers.

The leadership of the company was outstanding. They cared about their employees and provided a challenging, but pleasant work environment.

The unexpected violence and trauma touched everyone from the CEO to the newest hire.

The company did not have a crisis plan, but had a leadership team that knew what it needed and reached out for help. ICM was one of the companies that responded to the call. And the top managers did almost everything right.

They treated their employees with care and support, the victim families with respect and tenderness, their vendors with concern and their clients with openness.

When the dust settled and management began to restore operations, everyone was ready and willing to support the leadership and the company came back stronger than ever.

I hope you have a crisis operations, communication and recovery plan. And, I hope you have our number handy: 888-708-8351.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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