Thursday, June 9, 2011

What Do Delta Airlines & Rep. Anthony Weiner Have In Common?

They both did things without thinking about the consequences.

Then one took action quickly, and the other equivocated for days before taking belated action.

Delta Airlines, looking to milk every last dollar out of its paying passengers, put a $200 per bag fee on checked luggage for all passengers who could least afford it in economy class. That fee netted $2,800 in extra profit for Delta earlier this week when 14 U.S. soldiers on their way home from fighting in Afghanistan each had an extra bag and were hit with the $200 fee.

They loaded a video on YouTube to tell the world how Delta was treating American servicemen and women.

Within hours, Delta posted a blog apologizing, saying they had made a mistake, and were revising that policy, and working with the soldiers that had to pay it.

Then there's Congressman Anthony Weiner the Tweeter.

He got caught sexting to some women on Twitter. First he denied it, then days later, in a tearful media encounter, he apologized and took responsibility.

Delta's already out of the headlines and Rep. Weiner is still making new headlines.

The lesson for every organization and individual in the public eye is to always do the "right thing." Consider the consequences of your business or personal decisions BEFORE you act on them. When something does go wrong, and you do blunder, suck it up, take responsibility, control the revelation, apologize if it’s appropriate and then get back to doing the "right things" again.

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