Monday, September 5, 2011

A Cell Phone Could Put You Out Of Business

If you have a small or even medium size business, have you thought about how a single cell phone could destroy everything you've worked so hard for?

A recent survey discovered that 32-percent of companies know or have evidence that distracted employees, using a cell phone, triggered an on-the-job crash.  That is a sure fire basis for a lawsuit.
And, if there was serious injury or death resulting from that crash, the financial loss could wipe out even a medium size business.

The survey by ZoomSafer found that 62-percent of companies have written policies prohibiting employees from using mobile phones while driving on company business.  That was relative good news, but the bad news--only about half make an effort to enforce that policy.

And of those who try to enforce the policy, 61-percent depend on after-the-fact disciplinary action.

Now for the really serious news --7.6-percent of the 500 companies surveyed have been sued as a result of an employee being distracted by a phone while driving. For companies with more than 5,000 drivers, 37-percent have been served with lawsuits.

71-percent of long-haul trucking companies, and 83-percent of local trucking companies have written cell phone use policies.  

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, at any given moment, 11-percent of drivers are using their cell phone, and the National Safety Council estimates that one out of every four vehicle crashes involves a driver on the phone.

Remember, ICM research consistently reaffirms that nearly two-thirds of all business crises are preventable, and most of those driving while distracted wrecks could be prevented, if the driver was NOT using a cell phone.

A business crisis is still a business crisis, whether it was caused by a hurricane or a distracted driver.

Your liability is probably greater if the loss was caused by your employee, driving while distracted.

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