Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Who Do You Think Is Doing A Good Job?

It certainly isn't the oil companies, managed care (HMOs) or health insurance companies.

A new Harris Poll measuring what you think about 22 of the nation's largest industries, concludes you don't think very kindly about some of the industries that we all have to depend on.

The poll is done every two years, and the most recent one was done in August, with interviews of 1,956 adults.

One "improvement" from the 2009 survey to this most recent one, found consumers think the automobile industry is doing a much better job with a 36-percent higher "positive,"  but in contrast, 27-percent say the airline industry is doing an awful job.

At the other end of the good job/bad job scale, supermarkets are ranked best with 90-percent of those surveyed giving a "good job" rating and only 10-percent a "bad job" rating for the nation's big food stores.

At the bottom of the list of 22 industries -- the oil companies with 33% of the respondents giving them a "good job" evaluation and 64% a "bad job" rating.

Tobacco companies were next to last and on-line search engines  were 2nd from the top of the list. Hospitals were third with an 82-percent favorable rating and 16-percent bad-job rating. Two-percent were not sure.

Computer hardware and software companies were 4th and 5th, online retailers ranked 6th, Internet service providers were 7th and packaged food companies ranked 8th.

Car manufacturers were 9th and electric and gas utilities came it at 10th with a 70% favorable rating and a 29% unfavorable rating with one-percent undecided.

Telephone companies were 13th, banks 14th, drug companies 15th, cable companies 16th and airlines 17th.

Why does this matter?  Dollars and cents is why it matters. Although most of us have no choice but to do business with many of these kinds of companies, where there is a choice, the business that treats us better than a competitor is more likely to get our money.

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