Friday, October 21, 2011

Social Media: A Crisis Waiting To Hit

Do NOT ignore social media!

Not only are the various social media great tools for reaching OUT to your employees, customers/clients/patients/students, financial supporters, suppliers, and others, those same social media can be used to launch an attack on your reputation, your service, product, mission, integrity, business, organization – and if you are not on guard and ready to react immediately, you will lose before you even get started.
A just released Ipsos Mori Reputation Council’s 2011 report found that only 59-percent of communications directors say they regularly pay attention to their company’s brand on social media channels. 

That’s down from 73-percent in 2010.
Perhaps, just as shocking in today’s communications environment: when asked to what extent they actively engage with stakeholders through social media, 41-percent responded “not very much.”

The old axiom about maintaining a relationship with the conventional media, is just as applicable to the social media.  When an organization is faced with a public crisis, you can respond and recover quicker if you already have a relationship with the key media that cover you.
The principle is built on the idea that reporters who know you, even a little bit, are more inclined to give you a break, or at least consider your “point of view,” than reporters who don’t know you and don’t care about you.

 If you don’t have a company presence using social media channels, and suddenly you are in crisis and “show up” you are starting from a much deeper hole that you have to climb out of.

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