Monday, December 12, 2011

There Are No New Crises -- Just New Lessons From Old Events

I  don't want to run this message into the ground -- but, oh why not?

There are no new crisis.  You do not have to reinvent the wheel.  Just pay attention to what worked and what didn't and copy the part that worked.

Toyota did it all pretty much the wrong way.

Chevy's Electric Volt with its suddenly bursting into flames seems to have done it right.

Toyota didn't talk, and when it did it made excuses.

Chevy has talked, but even more significantly Chevrolet offered free loaner GM vehicle until the issue of the unexplained Volts burning battery is resolved.

Chevy's experts not only talked but explained the fires were not spontaneious. They came up to three weeks after  the accident that caused the damaged vehicles to be parked and taken out of service.

When you're business is facing a crisis, look at what worked and what did NOT work for your competitors, and then use the stuff that works and ignore the stuff that did not.

Recovery will come much quicker, almost every time.

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  1. Politicians, entertainers, corporations all are hard pressed to learn from history. Did Bill Clinton learn from Richard Nixon? Tiger Woods from Kobe Bryant? And let's not even start on corporations. What do all these crises have in common? - hubris ia as good a word as any other. Power seems to breed the idea that one can get away with a great deal, or worse, one is entitled to get away with a great deal. The Murdoch family exemplifies the pasing of hubris down from generation to generation. Hopefully, in these tough economic times, humility will overcome hubris as an influence on conduct.

    The Rhodell Group, LLC