Friday, December 9, 2011

You Think It Could Not Happen Here? Think Again`

The death toll is at 89, mostly patients, at the Kolkata, India hospital where a blaze broke out in a storage area in the basement and spread, while some hospital administrators reportedly fled the scene.

Satyabrata Upadhyay, senior vice president of the AMRI hospital company, said the loss of life was "extremely unfortunate and painful." Upadhyay also said the compensation that would be given to families of those killed would be 200,000 rupees (about $4,000 US$).

Where to begin.

Can you imagine hospital administrators fleeing in a vain attempt to avoid responsibility in any other part of the world.  I can.

Can you imagine a health care provider, in many other parts of the world, taking pride in offering $4,000 in compensation for the death of your mother, father, child or spouse.  Settlements are a releative thing, and only in America would the lawyers already be salavating over the millions of dollars they would expect to bank in such a case.

Just coincidentally, I was in a very good hospital near Louisville, KY lastThursday and Friday for spine surgery.  I was cared for by some of the best nurses and technicians you could ever hope to have.  I also had a surgeon who has a reputation for being good as a surgeon, but a little long on ego and short on bedside manners.

Now is the perfect time, if you are a hospital administrator, manager or nursing supervisor to review every aspect of your facilities operations, storage, evacuation plan and training and emergency access to your building's access points and service entrances.

Do NOT put it off a single day.  If you do, put this phone number in your wallet or purse because you'll need us before you know it:  1-502-587 0327.

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