Friday, January 13, 2012

EEOC Takes A Page Out of Plaintiff's Attorney Handbook

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is beginning to act like scores of so-called "plaintiffs' attorneys" and advertising for "plaintiffs" or people who think they may have been discriminated against when they applied for a job.

A quick Google search will find lots of examples of law firms advertising for clients to sue someone...such as "The Food Poisoning Lawsuit Center."

Now EEOC is soliciting similar "victims" both on its website and in local newspaper adds.

They have recently launched two major "employment discrimination" cases and one of them is accusing Bass Pro Shops -- in the words on their website -- "If you applied for a job at any Bass Pro location and think you may not have been hired due to your race or national origin; or if you have any information about the EEOC's lawsuit, please contact the EEOC at this special phone number . . ."

The EEOC's more aggressive approach will likely do two things -- bring real and opportunistic victims out of the woodwork to bolster the feds case against companies, AND encourage all those "plaintiffs' attorneys" to step up their own marketing and expand the causes they promote and capitalize on.

Our first advice is not to discriminate, but even if you have not discriminated against anyone, someone may decide to try to extort you and the EEOC's new approach could add to your grief and challenge of defending your company.

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