Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Good Call, Churchill Downs

We don't get the opportunity, often, to give an atta-boy to organizations that do something right and ultimately prevent or avoid a crisis.

But, this week, we can single out the management at Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY for their smart decision to evacuate the in-field last Friday, Oaks Day, when a potentially nasty thunderstorm bore down on the 112,500 gathered to enjoy the "day before" the Derby.

Churchill Downs' management has been a leader in many aspects of big event execution. And that was demonstrated by the decision making process and then the relatively orderly movement of thousands of people safely to shelter until the short-lived storm passed by.

It was just as well executed when those same thousands of fans, some inebriated, were invited back to their favorite spots in the infield to continue their revelry.

It was just a couple of weeks earlier that one man died, 16 were hospitalized and another 100 were treated at the scene when a sudden storm with winds exceeding 60-miles an hour downed a beer tent and tossed metal folding chairs through the air like missles following a Saturday afternoon baseball game at nearby Busch Stadium.

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