Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Is Approaching It Must Be Layoff Time!

As December appears on the calendar and Christmas is just weeks away, one of the most awful things companies can do is lay-off workers.

I know the reason. I've heard executives make the argument for December job cuts for nearly 20 years.  It's all about the fiscal calendar, they say.

It may be, but it is also one of the most reputation damaging things an organization can do.

For example, the banking behemoth Citigroup announced today -- 20 days before the Christmas holiday--they are laying off 11,000 workers.  Workers, as in people -- people with families -- and little or no prospects for employment and a paycheck.

This is the time of year when "them that has" worry more about their bottom line and profitability than about the other 98 or 99%.

I have unsuccessfully argued for years that holiday layoffs cause more harm and damage than carrying the costs of those employees into one more quarter.

Dolly Madison dumped 18,000 employees four weeks before Christmas. Cummins Engine Company announced the elimination of 1,500 jobs by the end of December and  Pfizer Pharmaceuticals is expected to eliminate more employees this holiday season.


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