Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!

I've heard the concept -- "A picture is worth a thousand words" all my life. Last week my brother-in-law proved it.

While his neighbor was taking this picture, he saw this funnel cloud out the back door of his house near Adairville, KY

Jeff and Rose Ella are okay.  The tornado changed course enough to miss them, but not enough to spare a number of farms and homes nearby.

A farm is a business.  A general store, a farm implement business, a community super market, a drug store, the town's Wal-Mart -- are just some of the businesses that were or could have been damaged or destroyed by this twister.

You don't have to be a big company, or a shopping center, or a multi-story office building to be severely impacted by a storm or many other crises.

Adairville has about 851 residents at last count. Some work in the community, others drive a few miles to larger communities to work. 

A crisis plan is just as important to the school district there, or to the nearest community hospital or every business in the area as it is to General Motors, Chase Bank or the Holiday Inn. 

Let this picture of a thousand words inspire you to SAVE thousands of dollars in lost business or more valuable things -- and anticipate and plan for the most likely things that can go wrong and let us help you develop a crisis prevention AND recovery plan before the next "picture" strikes even closer to home or work.

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