Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Crisis Communication Certification Training Registration Time

The next Institute for Crisis Management's two-day and three-day Crisis Communication Certification Course is coming up July 22-23 & 24 and before it fills up, click here
http://crisisconsultant.com/registration-form/ to register and guarantee your place in the class.

The two-day crisis Certification Course is a thorough and intense examination of all the kinds of things that can go wrong in any organization, whether a multi-national corporation, a mom and pop business, higher ed, healthcare, a retail chain or a community not-for-profit. The workshop begins with a look inside the sudden, smoldering, bizarre and perceptual crises that can strike anywhere at any time.

Then the focus turns to the kind of planning that is needed to prepare any organization to prevent or minimize the damage from any of those potential crisis threats.  That includes how to identify the most likely vulnerabilities and how to select and train the right people for your crisis team.

Real life crisis case studies from the experiences of ICM consultants help drive home the importance of planning, preparing and training.

The second day ends with a two-and-a-half hour table top exercise taken from the real world of ICM clients.

The third, optional day, is devoted to media/spokesperson training.  Whether you have experience as the chief spokesperson for your company/organization or not, the third day will help you polish your skills and perhaps more significantly will give you tools and techniques to use to prepare the occasional spokesperson on your team.

That third day includes three on-camera experiences beginning with a "base-line" interview to start the day, followed by a mock news conference at mid-day and then the day ends with a sit-down, knee-to-knee, no holds barred, one-on-one interview to test what you have learned.

If July doesn't fit your schedule, the next ICM Crisis Communication Certification Course still has openings for Sept. 9-10 & 11, 2014.